Course Overview

This course has by far been my favorite psychology course.  I have learned more in this course than I have in any other course. I loved the way our individual learning was shaped by things we cared about and wanted to learn. This course was a great way to further dive into topics that were of great importance to me and I cannot wait to take psychology of evil with Jesse this summer.

I also personally have gotten so much out of weekly blogging. I am considering starting a personal blog, in which, I can learn more and focus on things that I care about which may not all be focused on psychology. The experience of blogging has greatly strengthened my writing style and my ability to quickly find sources. I also have improved at public speaking. Although I have always been comfortable speaking informally, public speaking to people I don’t know in a class setting has always made me nervous. This course has been a game changer academically, I think it will help me so much in future endeavors.



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